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At Freedom Painting, our interior painting projects are a testament to our commitment to transforming spaces into personalized sanctuaries of comfort and style. With meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for design, our skilled team brings your vision to life.


Whether you're seeking to refresh the ambiance of a cozy family room, revitalize a dull office space, or infuse a burst of color into a bland kitchen, we tailor our approach to suit your unique needs and preferences. From selecting the perfect color palette to meticulously preparing surfaces and executing flawless finishes, we ensure that every aspect of your interior painting project is executed with precision and care. With Freedom Painting, your home or business becomes a canvas for creativity, where every corner reflects your personality and enhances the atmosphere of your space.


Custom New York Islanders Room

Before and After

This project included wallpaper removal, molding installation, and chair rail


Custom Accent Wall Stripes

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